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I.S.E.S. Giovani, esperienze di lavoro nel mondo

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I.S.E.S., “Senior Italian Expert Service” is a non-government, voluntary and non-profit association of retired experts from professional life, providing assistance and knowledge transfer to enterprises and communities on National Territory and in Developing Countries.


From 1985, year of foundation, I.S.E.S. has developed assistance and knowledge transfer missions in 22 Countries in all the world: Azerbaijan, Brasil, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Panama, Peru, Paraguay, Romania, Russian Federation, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Hungary, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Venezuela.


The principal activity sectors are the following: Clothing, Agriculture, Environment, Automotive, Constructions, Economy, Marketing, Industry, Health, Transports and Tourism. 


The retired experts are carrying out their mission free, for an average period of 10-25 days.

Are also provided long-term missions (more than 3 months) to managers still in business.


Besides I.S.E.S. is engaged for years in initiatives devoted to young people. Particularly in 2013 is in progress the sixth edition of the project "I.S.E.S. Young people - experiences of job in the world", devoted to new-graduates of University and Polytechnic School of Turin to promote their insertion in the world job. 


I.S.E.S. is a founding member of C.E.S.E.S. "Confederation of European Senior Expert Services", located in Brussels and gathering 25 associations of Senior Experts, belonging to 15 Countries of the European Union. 


I.S.E.S. participates to the Senior Citizen Council of the City of Turin, constituted as advisory and deviser body of the Municipal Board and Council, to introduce proposals of interventions devoted to preserve and enhance the life system dignity of elderly people, as well as to set actions to avoid any discrimination.  


I.S.E.S. is enrolled to the register of the Voluntary Service of the Regione Piemonte, with the Register Number 1391 from 13/04/1993, of the City of Turin, with deliberation 2003/00893/01 and of the European Community with the Register Number ITA-23203 from 16/7/1998.